Council Approves New Curfew for Kingsville’s Lions Park

Posted On Tuesday June 15, 2021
Basketball Court at Lions Park
Basketball Court at Lions Park

At its June 14, 2021 meeting, Kingsville Town Council voted to amend the Parks Curfew Bylaw 127-2004 to enact an earlier curfew at Lions Park, 23 Mill Street, for the remainder of the 2021 calendar year. Dan Wolicki, the Town’s Manager of Municipal Facilities and Properties, proposed the amendment in response to concerns raised by residents regarding park misuse, late-night loitering and disruptive behaviour after previous attempts to mitigate the behaviour.

The approved “sunset” curfew makes it unlawful for any person to be on the grounds of Lions Park from sunset until 5:00 am. Sunset varies depending on the time of year, and the public and enforcement officials can reference specific sunset times for each day on the Government of Canada’s website.

“This amendment will allow us to gauge the effectiveness of an earlier curfew at Lions Park for the remainder of the year, and if it proves effective, Council could consider making a permanent change,” said Wolicki.

The Town will update signage at Lions Park to reflect the change. Residents are encouraged to continue reporting public disturbances, legitimate misuse, and unwanted park behaviour directly to enforcement officials or the Ontario Provincial Police.