Kingsville Burn Permit Applications Now Online

Posted On Tuesday November 16, 2021
Camp Fire
A camp fire burning at night

The Town of Kingsville is making it more convenient to apply for Burn Permits with its newly launched online portal at All open-air fires require an approved permit under the Town’s BY-LAW 57-2019. Property owners can create an account to access the online application form. Once the application process is complete, they will receive a digital copy of the permit along with burning guidelines. 

“This new website streamlines the process and gives people 24/7 access to the system,” said Fire Chief John Quennell. “We remind everyone to be a good neighbour when burning. Make sure smoke from your burn is not drifting and causing an issue on someone else’s property.” 

The Fire Department responds to complaints about burning, and if rules are not being followed, they can revoke the permit and/or bill the permit holder for charges incurred responding to the complaint.

“The size of the fire, the materials we allow people to burn and the distance requirements outlined in the guidelines are all important factors in keeping open-air fires contained and keeping our community safe,” Chief Quennell continued.

Property owners can find more details about burn permits on the Town’s website or by calling Kingsville Fire & Rescue at 519-733-2314.