Kingsville Offers Backyard Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

Posted On Friday May 20, 2022

The Town of Kingsville has created a Backyard Flooding Protection Subsidy (BYFP) to assist homeowners in reducing the risk of flooding on their private property by covering a portion of the cost of a rear yard catch basin. The Town will cover up to fifty percent of the cost to install a rear yard catch basin, to a maximum of $2500.00. The program recommendation stemmed from chronic flooding issues reported on Redwood caused by a defect in a past development.

"We considered several options, and the subsidy program made the most sense to immediately and cost-effectively address these drainage concerns," said Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Andrew Plancke.

A public information session took place on Thursday, May 19, 2022 to address flooding issues in the Redwood area directly with residents, and provide information on the subsidy program. However the program is available to all property owners who live in the Town of Kingsville and do not have amounts owing to the Town, such as back taxes or overdue payments.

The Town also has a Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy, which covers up to 50% of the cost to install backwater valve(s), a sump pump, or both.  

Please request the Flooding Protection Subsidy Program Application form for details on subsidy requirements, maximums and eligibility.