2018 Election Results

Registered Voters 15,118

Ballots Cast  6,986

Spoiled and Declined Ballots 124

Voter Turnout 46.79%


Please find the official election results below.


Candidate Votes
Santos, Nelson Acclaimed

Deputy Mayor

Candidate Votes
Queen, Gord Acclaimed


Candidate Votes
Black, Kevin  1,622
Cavenago, Gloria  648
DeYong, Kimberly  2,909
Gaffan, Tony  4,489
Gilliland, Kim  1,050
Gosselin, Corey  880
Kerr, Jackie  1,003
Laba, Michael  1,386
Lariviere, Paul  410
Lein, John  1,249
Lucier, Laura  2,427
Mastronardi, Ted  1,137
Neufeld, Thomas  3,317
Patterson, Larry  3,543
Wilson, Barry  2,201

School Board Trustee

Greater Essex County District School Board (English Public)

Candidate Votes
Burgess, Julia
Dzudovich, Sheri  2,895


Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board (English Separate)

*Kingsville results only*

Candidate Votes
DiMenna, Mary 812
Thachuk, Derek 375

Conseil scolaire Viamonde (French Public) *Kingsville results only*

Candidate Votes
Herold, Owen
Noyadoo, Yogen 1
Teasdale, Guillaume 8

Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (French Catholic)

Candidate Votes
 Marotte, Didier Acclaimed