Posted On Friday July 31, 2020
(Section 45 of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, c.P. 13)
OWNERS: Pino & Mary Porrone
LOCATION OF PROPERTY: 1801 Talbot Rd (County Rd 34)
ZONING OF PROPERTY: ‘Residential Zone 2 Rural/Urban (R2.2)’
PURPOSE OF APPLICATION: The subject land is a 2,432.16 sq. m (26,179.56 sq. ft.) residential lot with a single detached dwelling and an outbuilding at the rear of the property. The applicants wish to build a 66.89 sq. m (720 sq. ft.) pool shed (shown on Applicants Sketch) in the rear yard, between the house and the existing outbuilding. Relief is being requested from the Town of Kingsville Zoning By-law Accessory Buildings and Structures section 4.2 g) where “Accessory buildings shall be limited to a maximum lot coverage of 10% of the total lot area”. The maximum lot coverage permitted at 10% would be 243.22 sq. m (2,617.95 sq. ft.). With the addition of the pool shed the accessory structure lot coverage total would be 13% at 308.44 sq. m (3,320 sq. ft.) build out. Therefore the applicants have requested a minor variance for the additional 3% in accessory structure lot coverage to construct a pool shed in the rear yard. All other zone performance standards are appearing to be met.
WHEN: August 18, 2020
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
The applicant or a representative will be in attendance at this meeting to answer questions regarding the above requested consent and minor variance. This meeting is called for your input on the requested consent either in support of or in opposition to the above-noted application. Additional information regarding this application is available for your review at the Town of Kingsville Municipal Office, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Your comments on these matters are important. If you have comments on this application, they may be forwarded by phone, email, mail to the attention of: Kristina Brcic, Town Planner, Town of Kingsville, 2021 Division Road North, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2Y9. Comments and opinions submitted on these matters, including your name and address, may become part of the public record and may be viewed by the general public and may be published in a Planning report or reproduced in a Committee of Adjustment agenda and/or minutes.
If a person or public body that files an appeal of a decision of the Committee of Adjustment for the Town of Kingsville in respect of the proposed consent does not make written submissions to the Committee before it gives or refuses to give a provisional consent, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal may dismiss the appeal.
IF YOU WISH TO BE NOTIFIED OF THE DECISION OF THE COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT FOR THE TOWN OF KINGSVILLE in respect of the proposed minor variance, you must make a written request to the Committee of Adjustment at the address shown below. This will also entitle you to be advised of a possible Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.
Electronic Participation
This Meeting will be held through Electronic Participation in accordance with Bill 187, the Municipal Emergency Act, and an Order in Council of March 23, 2020, which amended the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and prohibits organized public events of more than five people.
The Town of Kingsville continues to take COVID-19 seriously, and in following the advice of provincial and federal governments, is making significant changes to services and programming to help protect health and wellbeing of the community. Town Hall is temporarily closed to the public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In-person Committee and Council meetings have been cancelled. Such meetings, as warranted, will be held electronically until further notice.
This meeting will consider the following reports:
Public Participation Details
Remote Participation
The virtual public meeting for the Committee of Adjustment will take place via Zoom. Elected Officials, Committee Members, Town Staff and Applicants or those representing them will be given access to the meeting. If you wish to participate please read the instructions below.
Public Comments
a) Submit comments in writing: Written comments are strongly encouraged. Please provide your name (first and last), your address and which item on the Agenda you are commenting on. They may be submitted in writing or by email, to Kristina Brcic, Town Planner (see contact info). Comments received by 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 13th will be part of the Committee Members Agenda package prior to the meeting. Comments received after this time will be forwarded to Members of Committee as soon as possible, and prior to the meeting.
b) Request to speak at the Committee Meeting: Prior to 4:00 PM on Monday, August 17th you must contact Kristina Brcic, Town Planner to request to speak during the committee meeting. Please provide your name (first and last), your address, the item on the Agenda you wish to speak on and your email address.
Remote participation for public comments
Upon receipt of your request to speak at the meeting, by way of one of the procedures outlined above, participants will be provided the Zoom meeting details and password prior to the meeting.
Please note that neither a computer, nor a video sharing device, is required to participate in the meeting via Zoom. You may also opt to call in from a cell or landline.
Persons who intend to participate during the meeting may wish to register/sign up in Zoom, if they have not already done so. The following information is provided for your consideration and guidance during remote participation in the meeting:
• Please join the meetingby 5:50 PM in order to avoid any delays. If you have not joined the public meeting while your Agenda Item is up for public comment you will have forfeited your request.
• When you join the meeting, either by phone or online, you will be admitted in as an attendee. You will not be greeted upon joining the call. You will be able to hear the meeting and see the active speaker (if you have video capability), but your mic will be muted until it is your turn to speak.
• If you join the Zoom meeting through your phone, please Do not put the phone on hold at any time, as this will result in broadcasting “hold music” online once your mic function is unmuted.
• To optimize call quality when using a laptop, a headset with microphone is best if available to you; otherwise, whether using your laptop microphone or cell phone, please speak directly into the receiver and do not use speaker phone
• Please do not forward the Zoom meeting details with anyone or post through social media. Only registered participants will be admitted to the meeting.
• Participants should keep comments directly related to the matter to which they are speaking to. Questions are to be directed to the committee chairperson. The committee members may choose to ask you follow-up questions following your remarks, comment, or ask staff to respond to what you have said.
• After providing your comments and answering any questions that may be directed to you, the Meeting Coordinator will disconnect you from the Zoom meeting.
For more information, please contact:
Kristina Brcic, Town Planner
Phone: 519-733-2305 Ext. 249
The Corporation of the Town of Kingsville
2021 Division Road North
Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2Y9