Notice of Indemnity Deposit Refund

Posted On Wednesday July 20, 2022

Persons holding an outstanding Building Department Permit issued by the Town of Kingsville prior to January 25, 2016 must notify the Municipal Services Department in person, on or before January 25, 2023 if they wish to inquire about a refund of any Indemnity Deposit balance being held.

An Indemnity Deposit is an amount paid to meet all or a portion of all the cost and expenses of remediating or repairing any damage to Town Property or infrastructure, including, but not limited to roads, sidewalks, curbing, paved boulevards, water or sewage works, caused as a result of the use of such property or infrastructure or as a result of carrying on of construction or demolition or other works on adjacent property. 

In order to obtain a refund you must:

  • Have obtained a permit from the Town of Kingsville Building Department and paid an associated Indemnity Deposit prior to January 25, 2016 and have not previously received a refund of that deposit.
  • Provide proper identification to identify yourself as the permit holder or authorized agent if the permit is in a company name.
  • Obtain a satisfactory Final Inspection from the Town of Kingsville for all work covered by the permit.

Upon satisfying all of the above conditions, a refund cheque will be mailed to the permit holder.

All indemnity deposits for Building Permits collected by the Town prior to January 25, 2016 that remain unclaimed after January 25, 2023 will be forfeited to the Town of Kingsville as per Council Resolution. For further information, please contact 519-733-2305 or visit the Municipal Office located at 2021 Division Road North.