Planning Items for Review at the April 12, 2022 Committee of Adjustment and Appeals

Posted On Monday April 04, 2022

The Committee of Adjustment and Appeals will review the following applications at its April 12, 2022, meeting:

145 Owenwood Drive, an application to establish a permanent easement to allow sanitary sewer line access and maintenance to lands on a neighbouring property. B/04/22

Lot 73 Malo Street, a minor variance request to reduce the set back limits for a single detached dwelling to bring it in line with neighbouring lots which have previously attained minor variance approvals. A/06/22

256 Ford Road, a consent application to take three existing lots and subdivide the centre into two, conveying half to the north and half to the south. B/06/22

1772 Division Road North, a minor variance application for C6-7 zone frontage relief on the vacant land where an EMS station and a commercial building are being constructed. Site plan approval is still pending. A/03/22

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm. Please follow the directions in the Application Notice to provide a comment.