Year of the Garden Celebration Welcomes 200 Attendees

Posted On Wednesday May 04, 2022
Year of the Garden
Vendor stands at table full of plants at the first Year of the Garden Celebration

The Town of Kingsville's Communities in Bloom (CIB) Committee was pleased to see over 200 people attending their Year of the Garden Celebration on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Participants learned how to make sweetgrass braids, nature crafts and solitary bee houses. There were presentations on forest bathing, the trees of Lakeside Park, Plein Air painting demonstrations, and more.

"The 2022 Year of the Garden celebration was a huge success," said Councillor Thomas Neufeld, the Communities and Bloom Committee Chair. "We are so grateful to all the vendors, exhibitors and speakers who gave their time to share their knowledge with us."

Vendors included Lee Valley, master gardeners and artists, and more. The Committee extends their gratitude to the 2nd Kingsville Scouts for providing lunch and refreshments, Caldwell First Nation, and Arts Society of Kingsville for leading craft workshops, and everyone who stopped by to learn, share stories, and otherwise spread the spirit of Communities in Bloom. 

"I also want to thank CIB members Heather, Astrid, Karin, Alan and Melissa for all your time and energy," stated Neufeld. 

What's next for CIB? 

The Committee is excited to announce that Kingsville has been designated as a Bee / Pollinator City. Bee Cities are communities recognized for taking action to protect pollinators. Communities in Bloom's next initiative supports Kingsville's role as a Bee City. Watch for their "Let Your Garden Sleep In" campaign, which encourages people to hold off on tidying up their gardens for spring until there has been a week of temperatures above 10°C; this protects pollinators who are still sleeping in plants until then. 

"Communities in Bloom is not just about plants," said Neufeld. "It's also about fostering civic pride, community engagement, environmental stewardship, enhancing our quality of life and ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation."

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