Planning Items for Review at the March 22, 2022 Committee of Adjustment and Appeals

Posted On Monday March 14, 2022

The Committee of Adjustment and Appeals will review the following applications at its March 22, 2022 meeting:

  • 406 County Road 34 West, a consent application to create three residential lots with frontage on Cameron Side Road. B/01/22
  • Vacant Land, Road 7 East, CON 7 PT LOTS 19 & 20, a consent application for a lot addition. B/02/22
  • 13 Gregory Avenue PLAN 12M667 LOT 21, a minor variance application requesting relief on the maximum permitted lot coverage to construct a new house. A/01/22
  • 3090 & 3080 Graham Side Road, minor variance applications for relief on side yard setbacks and set back of sensitive land use to construct a walkway structure. A/04/22 & A/05/22
  • 105 Laurel Street, PLAN 208 LOT 10 187 PT LOT D, a consent application to sever a section of the property and covey it as a lot addition to 99 Laurel Street. B/23/21

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm. Please follow the directions in the Application Notice to provide a comment.