Municipal Information

You must obtain a building permit before you:

  • Construct any new building greater than 10 square metres (108 S.F.) in area
  • Construction of sheds or other detached structures greater than 10 square meters (108 S.F.) in area
  • Raised porches or decks .61 metres (24 inches) or more above ground and/or fastened to structures (including wheelchair ramps)
  • Make structural renovations or repairs or add to a building resulting in a building that is greater than 10 square meters (108 S.F.) in area
  • Installing a swimming pool fence enclosure
  • Demolishing, moving or lifting a house
  • Connections to water service or sanitary or storm sewers
  • Installing new or renovating existing plumbing located within or not within a structure
  • Installation, alteration, extension or repair of a sewage system
  • Construct a farm or seasonal building
  • Installation of a wood stove, fireplace or chimney
  • Demolish or remove any portion of any existing building/structure
  • Tents larger than 60 sq meters, if they are attached to another structure or if they are less than 3 meters away from another structure
  • Designated structures in the Ontario Building Code
  • Constructing, renovating or altering a Fire Separation
  • Structural Fire Damage
  • Change of Building Use (please contact Building Department for further clarification if in doubt)

Projects NOT requiring a building permit are as follows:

  • Structures 10 square metres (108 S.F.) or less in area
  • Decks which are .60 metres (23 inches) or less above ground
  • Replacing existing, same-width windows or doors, subject to distance from property lines
  • Install siding on small residential buildings, subject to distance from property lines
  • Re-shingle a roof, provided there is no structural work (asphalt roof shingling only)
  • New interior wall, floor or ceiling finishes and kitchen or bathroom cupboards replacement (without plumbing)
  • Repairs to chimneys, porches or decks
  • Waterproofing repairs to a basement
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement of heating system
  • Erect a fence NOT  enclosing a swimming pool (pool fence enclosure permit is required)
    NOTE: Public Pools do require a permit
  • Electrical work (the Electrical Safety Authority, must inspect electrical installations. Contact your electrical service provider for electrical permit inquiries)

Please be advised:  You may not need a Building Permit; however, you must ensure all applicable laws are met. (i.e. ERCA or Zoning set-backs)

Please Be Advised: To apply for a tax adjustment due to demolition, a Section 357 Application must be completed. The deadline for submitting the application is February 28 of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.