Municipal Information

We currently accept architectural and structural drawings in either imperial or the metric system. All drawings must be drawn to scale (sketches are not acceptable). We will not accept drawings in pencil but photocopies of penciled drawings are acceptable.

  • Two Sets of Building Plans to scale, and
  • Two Copies of your property survey or site plan, indicating the location of work and proposed set-backs.
    The Site Plan should indicate:
    • the location
    • number
    • sizes of any other structures on the property
    • the total area of lot coverage
      Note: The total lot coverage is the sum of the area of all structures/buildings located on the property, including but not limited to, sheds, decks and covered patios/porches. Swimming pools are excluded.

Plans should include plans of of each level including footing/foundation, a typical wall section and if applicable, mechanical drawings, truss and floor systems (stamped drawings if engineered or designed by a professional Architect). Additional drawings may be required depending on the complexity of each proposed project.
Please refer to the Guide to Obtain a Permit for more information on drawings and documents required to obtain a permit.

NOTE: Designers providing services to the public are required to have a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), ensure your designers have the proper qualifications and are registered with the Ministry for the type of designs being provided.

A Building Code Identification Number, or BCIN, is the unique identifying number assigned to individuals who file their qualifications with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and firms which register with the Ministry. The BCIN is used for several purposes: you may need to provide it on building permit applications, in all correspondence with the Ministry, and in any other building-related work that requires a qualified person or registered firm.