Municipal Information

The Building Department staff at the municipality will review your application to confirm that the proposed work complies with the Building Code and other laws and regulations set out in the Building Code, such as local zoning by-laws, conservation authority (E.R.C.A.) and/or County permits and approvals.

Applications for simple projects can usually be processed fairly quickly but more complex proposals my take longer.

The Building Code requires that a municipality review a permit application within a certain timeframe where the application meets the criteria set out in the Code (Click Here for timeframes). For example, the timeframe on a permit application for a house is 10 business days and a more complex building such as a commercial building, greenhouse development or a hospital, the timeframe is 20 or 30 days. Within this timeframe, the municipality must either issue the permit or refuse it with full reasons for denial.

 In order for a permit to be issued, the proposed construction must comply with the Building Code and with the applicable laws set out in the Building Code. If a zoning change or minor variance from the zoning by-law is required, or if the proposed construction does not comply with the Building Code, a permit will not be issued until the zoning change or minor variance is obtained or a revised proposal is provided that does comply including the proposed construction complies with the Building Code. 

Other applicable law my require compliance with the Site Plan Control By-law 49-2001 in which a permit will also not be issued until the plans and drawings required have been submitted and approved by municipal council. Please see the Planning Department's requirements for clarification on rezoning, minor variance and site plan control.