Municipal Information

The Kingsville Weed Inspector responds to weed complaints relative to noxious weeds as identified by OMAFRA. Furthermore, the Town of Kingsville has named additional noxious weeds as identified by By-law 40-1999. Property Standards issues pursuant to By-law 31-1999 relative to weeds and long grass are also enforced by the Weed Inspector.

Notice to Destroy Weeds 2017

Noxious Weeds in Ontario according to OMAFRA

*Please note that this list will be in effect starting January 1, 2015

  1. Black Dog-Strangling Vine
  2. Bull Thistle
  3. Canada Thistle
  4. Colt's Foot
  5. Common Barberry
  6. Common Crupina
  7. Cypress Spurge
  8. Dodder
  9. Dog-Strangling Vine
  10. European Buckthorn
  11. Giant Hogweed
  12. Jointed Goatgrass
  13. Knapweed
  14. Kudzu
  15. Leafy Spurge
  16. Poison Hemlock
  17. Poison Ivy
  18. Ragweed
  19. Serrated Tussock
  20. Smooth Bedstraw
  21. Sow Thistle
  22. Tansy Ragwort
  23. Wild Chervil
  24. Wild Parsnip
  25. Woolly Cupgrass

For more information on Noxious Weeds go visit the OMAFRA Website

Notice - Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs: Designation of Giant Hogweed

Notice - Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs: Schedule of Noxious Weed Changes effective January 1, 2015

Weed Control Act, R.S.O. 1990 - the Intent of "the Act".

  1. To reduce the infestation of noxious weeds that impact on the industries of agricultural and horticultural.
  2. To reduce plan diseases by eliminating plant disease hosts such as common barberry and European buckthorn.
  3. To reduce health hazards to livestock caused by poisonous plants.

For more information regarding Weed Control please contact:

Ken Vegh, Municipal Drainage and Inspection Supervisor