Municipal Information

The Treasury Department advises the Chief Administrative Office, Council and Department Managers on the status of the Town's finances and actions required to meet the Town's financial obligations and objectives.

2017 User Fees & Charges

For more information please call the Municipal Office at (519) 733-2305 for

  • WATER INQUIRIES - PRESS 4 (billing & account information)



For privacy reasons account information can only be requested by the person listed on the tax or water account. Persons acting as Power of Attorney or Estate Executor over another person’s affairs will be asked to supply copies of the legal paperwork supporting their positions. There is a $7.50 fee for a printed account statement or tax or water bill reprint (fee is waived for senior citizens). A $10.00 processing fee applies if the Town is requested to mail or email the document on their behalf.


Tax Certificates:

A certified tax certificate can be ordered by written request to the Municipal Office listing the following information:

  • Owner(s) Name
  • Legal Description
  • Municipal Address
  • Roll Number

Please call the tax office at 519-733-2305 and press 1 to verify the information before ordering the request. The fee for the tax certificate is $75.00 for a response within 5 business days and $150.00 for a “rush” response within 2 business days. Water/sewage account balance (if applicable) is included on the tax certificate.

Ms. Sandra Zwiers, Director of Financial Services
(519) 733-2305

The Treasury Department provides the following services:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Capital and Operating Budget Preparation and Control
  • Payroll Tax Billing and Collections
  • Water Billing
  • Administration of Development Charges
  • Accounts Payable
  • Collection of all Accounts Receivables
  • Answers general inquiries from ratepayers