Municipal Information

Municipal Services is a Corporate Division consisting of 3 departments including the Public Works Department, the Parks & Recreation Department and the Environmental Services Department. The Public Works Department and the Parks & Recreation Department are each overseen by a Manager who is responsible for the day to day operations.  The Director of Municipal Services  is responsible for the Environmental Services Department as well as overseeing the other two departments.

The Director furthermore oversees all aspects of Municipal Services for the Town including budgeting, policy review and implementation and engineering. The Manager of Municipal Services coordinates the input and review from the three departments as well as overseeing budget control and administration of capital projects spanning more than one of the departments and reports to the Director of Municipal Services.

The Director of Municipal Services is Mr. Andrew Plancke, who can be contacted by email at

Responsibilities for Municipal Services include:

  • Respond to public inquiries for administrative issues on projects involving more than one of the 3 departments
  • Project Management for capital projects which include multiple components within the municipality including roads, sanitary sewers, storm drainage, water distribution and parks
  • Coordinate review of all development and construction projects
  • Coordination and review of development related projects as required under the Drainage Act
  • Provide principal contact for engineering consultants, architects and contractors on projects involving more than one of the 3 departments
  • Coordinate technical review of all storm water management and site servicing plans
  • Coordinate and provide technical advice and direction for the corporation
  • Assist in the development and operation of facilities and infrastructure within the 3 departments
  • Oversee capital budgets for current year and 5-10 year forecast of the 3 departments
  • Oversee Tree Planting Program
  • Identifying and implementing energy conservation techniques within municipal owned facilities - See Energy Plan