Municipal Information

Property Information

The following information can be obtained about your property or property located within the Town of Kingsville:

Property Information Reports are available upon request.

Interactive Mapping

Assessment mapping for the Town of Kingsville is available at the Town Office by request. Assessment Mapping will provide only the dimensions of the property (not considered a survey) and it will not show the locations of any structures and/or easements on the property. Copying charges may apply

The Official Plan & Zoning By-law mapping from any of the former municipalities is available at the Town office by request. These planning documents are also available in pdf. format and can be accessed on this website.

Road Maps can be purchased at the Town Office and are available in two formats. The large format mapping is available through special order only and additional charges may apply.

Online Mapping

On-line mapping

for the Town of Kingsville is now available. Digital Files of the Aerial Mapping for the Town of Kingsville can be obtained through the County of Essex. Zoning layers is available in the GIS tools.