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Town of Kingsville Alcohol Policy

For all alcohol events the renter must supply the Town of Kingsville Parks & Recreation Staff a copy of the following:

  • Special Occasions Permit
  • 2 Million Dollar Liability (PAL) insurance naming the Town of Kingsville as an insurer
  • Minimum 2 Smart Serve Bartenders, ID #'s must be provided

Click here to download and view the Town of Kingsville Alcohol Policy

Town of Kingsville Goes Smoke-Free Outdoors

The Town of Kingsville is the latest local municipality to prohibit smoking in outdoor public places. On March 9th, Kingsville Council joined the Councils of the Towns of Lakeshore, Essex, Tecumseh, and the Municipality of Leamington by better protecting their residents from the dangers of second-hand smoke in outdoor places.

Second-hand smoke contains over 250 harmful chemicals, with over 69 directly linked to cancer. There is no safe level of exposure to these chemicals and any and all efforts by municipalities to reduce the exposure of residents, especially in those areas commonly used by children should be applauded.

By-law 23-2015

prohibits smoking tobacco on municipally owned park, beach, boat ramp, and recreation facility property. The smoking of tobacco is defined as the carrying or smoking of lighted tobacco found in products like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and hookah/waterpipes. The by-law will apply to these spaces regardless of their intended use and will be enforced by Tobacco Enforcement Officers at the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and any By-law Enforcement Officer appointed by the Town of Kingsville.

This By-law builds on the recent changes to the Smoke-free Ontario Act recently made by the province, which in addition to banning smoking on bar and restaurant patios, prohibited smoking within 20 metres of playgrounds and sports fields.  By supplementing the work done by the province, the Town of Kingsville has provided not only greater protections, but also a more clear set of guidelines for residents to know where smoking is and is not permitted.

For more information contact Maggie Durocher, Parks and Recreation Program Manager at the Town of Kingsville at 519-733-2305 ext 423