Municipal Information

A continuous loss of water from a leak in the sizes indicated below, over a three (3) month period, would waste water in the amounts shown. Dripping plumbing fixtures or running toilets could also increase your water consumption by a similar amount. Please repair any leaks or dripping plumbing fixtures because your Water Department cannot reduce your water bill.

List of water wastage
Diameter of Hole Gallons Cubic Metres Approx. Water Cost
1/4" or 6.50mm 984,500 4,475 $3,683.37
3/16" or 4.50mm 554,620 2,521 $2,075.04
1/8" or 3.00mm 245,300 1,115 $917.76
1/16" or 1.75mm 61,600 280 $230.47