Municipal Information

The Town of Kingsville Planning Department provides timely and efficient review and information respecting a broad range of policy planning, land development approval and municipal planning services.

The Town of Kingsville Planning Department is committed to a consultative, open and inclusive planning process with recognition of the involvement of residents of the Town, owners of businesses, community members, recreation users, and staff in the planning review process.

Through the consultative process, it is the intent of the Planning Department to build awareness of planning while promoting community partnerships, supporting and encouraging the existing community while balancing the needs of the evolving community.

The Planning Department addresses and provides a balanced approach to community planning, land use, growth management, environmental and development issues to achieve the Mission Statement developed in 2011:

"On the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, advantageously situated close to the international border and major urban centres, Kingsville, one of Canada's southernmost towns, enjoy an ideal growing climate and benefits from a diverse technologically-based agricultural economy, natural and eco-tourism and opportunities for all ages.

To make Kingsville a desirable place to live, prosper and visit, we invest to improve our quality of life and value our heritage in a way which will ensure our small-town, friendly atmosphere while being committed to growth, renewal and enhancing our environmental sustainability".

Planning Staff are available for consultation at the municipal office and can be contacted during the regular office hours from Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Robert Brown                                                                
Manager of Planning & Development Services                                                                 

Phone:  519.733.2305