Municipal Information

Discussion of the Proposal

When considering development subject to a planning application, the applicant should approach the Planning Department, to engage in an informal discussion to explain the proposed application being contemplated. This informal discussion should provide the applicant with procedural directions about processing the application, as well as determining the planning policies under which the application can be considered for approval. At this time the applicant may also wish to obtain a copy of the application form.

Completed Application

An application will only be considered complete when all required questions are answered and all required additional documentation has been received to the satisfaction of the municipality. A detailed sketch must also be prepared and submitted with any application. The applicant should particularly ensure that the proposal complies with the planning policies of the Official plan and the land use requirement of the Zoning by-law for the municipality.

Submission of the Application

The applicant should submit an original application together with a detailed sketch and the necessary application fees made payable to the “Town of Kingsville”. Please note that each application must be signed in front of a Commissioner and if signed by a Corporation, must have the Corporate Seal affixed. If signed by an agent, a written authorization, attached, from the owner must also be submitted.

The following applications are available on-line in PDF Format or at the municipal office:
Format to Print on Legal Size Paper.  Applications will only be accepted on legal size paper:

Applications updated on March 24, 2017.  Please ensure that your application is up-to-date as a result of changes to the Fees and Charges By-law 9-2017