Municipal Information

Park Name Location
Ruthven Park Regent Street, Ruthven
Applewood Parkette Applewood Road, Kingsville
Angel Court Parkette Angel Court, Kingsville
Winston Parkette Winston Road, Kingsville
Train Court Parkette Train Court Road, Kingsville
Coghill Parkette Coghill Road, Kingsville
Katrish Parkette Katrish Road, Kingsville

The following listed public parks are subject to imposition of a curfew and regulate parking between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am and hereby forms part of the said By-Law 127-2004.  

Park name Location
Cedar Creek Beach South Side County Road 50, Kingsville
Cedar Island Beach West Side Cedar Island Drive, Kingsville
Lakeside Park Queen Street, Kingsville
Larry Santos Park 58 and 60 Walker Drive, Kingsville
Millbrook Park South Side Millbrook Drive, Kingsville
Park Street Waterfront South Side Park Street, Kingsville
Prince Albert Street North East Side Prince Albert Street, Kingsville
Regent Street Park North Side Regent Street, Ruthven
Remark South Side Applewood, Kingsville
Ridgeview Park Fox Street, Cottam
Union Beach South Side Union Street, Kingsville
William Street Park North Side Murray Street, Cottam
William Street Park William Street, Cottam
York Subdivision West Side Conservation Boulevard, Kingsville