Municipal Information

Miscellaneous Rates & Charges
Rate / Charge Cost
New Account Set up $25.00
Late Payment Charge 1.5% monthly. Applied the day after the due date & the first of each month
Returned Cheque- Bank charges plus $25.00
Service Reconnection (reg. Hours) $50.00
Service Reconnection (after Hours) actual labour cost (possible 4 hour call-in)
Frost Plate Repairs (reg. Hours) $60.00
Frost Plate Repairs (after Hours) $260.00
Water and/or Sewage Certificate included with Tax certificate
Raising/Lowering Curb Box/Meter Pit
(result of landowner grade change)
actual cost
Frozen Meter charge (reg. Hours) $200.00
Frozen Meter charge (after Hours) $400.00
Locates on Private Side $25.00

Repairs due to negligence are charged to the resident on material plus labour basis. After hour repairs are charged at 1½ times per hour for labour. Sundays and Holidays are charged at 2 times per hour for labour. A 4 hour call-in may also apply after normal working hours.