Municipal Information

Mailbox Posts


  • To ensure the safety of motorists, in particular motorcyclists, by only allowing the use of break away posts for mailbox support

Level of Service

  • Mailbox support posts located within the Town right-of-way will be made entirely of wood, having a maximum lateral dimension of 150 mm (6 inches) and minimum of 31/2 inches
  • Property owners with a mailbox support post which does not meet the requirements of this policy shall be requested in writing to remove the post and supply a post which is satisfactory to the Town and this policy
  • Mailboxes and support posts that are damaged by the Town's snow plough, and where it is clearly evident that the damage was incurred by the snow plough hitting the post or mailbox, will be replaced by the Public Works Department to a maximum of $30.00 for the mailbox. The wood post will be supplied by Public Works. Any installation is to be done by the property owner.