Municipal Information

Drainage Maintenance on Municipal Drains

The Drainage Superintendent is responsible for the oversight of all drainage projects within the Municipality, subject to the provisions of the Drainage Act.   

In addition to the drainage maintenance projects currently in progress, there are a number of upcoming drainage maintenance projects.  Drain maintenance can include works such as:  brushing of banks, culvert repair and replacement, bottom cleanout, bank erosion control, catch basin cleanout and repairs, tile flushing and phragmites control.  Please see below to view the current and upcoming drainage maintenance projects.

Drain Maintenance Projects - Current

  •  North Branch of the East Branch of No.47 Drain


Drain Maintenance Projects - Completed

  • Rose Br. of the Billings Drain
  • Chesley-Sarnes Drain
  • Kokovai Drain
  • Burstyn Drain
  • Puce River Drain
  • Church Drain
  • Ash Billings Drain
  • 9th Concession Road Drain
  • Sweetman-Knister Drain
  • Mulcaster Drain
  • Steckles Drain
  • Scott Taylor Drain
  • 8th Concession Road Drain
  • Ferguson-Tytgat Drain
  • Billings Relief Drain
  • Cameron Road Br of Billings Drain
  • Dornton Drain
  • Clark Subdivision Drain
  • East Townline Drain
  • Vanduinhoven Drain
  • Gilboe Drain
  • West Townline Drain (lower)
  • West Townline Drain (upper)
  • Centre Branch of No.47 Drain