Municipal Information

The Drainage Act provides landowners with a tool for resolving drainage problems by petitioning their municipality for a communal drainage scheme, commonly known as a “municipal drain”. An engineer retained by the municipality prepares a report with a proposed solution to the problem. Landowners have an opportunity to appeal various aspects of the report. After all appeals have been resolved, the report is adopted by municipal by-law, the drain is built and the cost of the work is assessed to the landowners in the watershed. The local municipality, through their drainage superintendent, is also responsible for the management of the network of municipal drains. The Drainage Act also allows the Province of Ontario to provide grants towards the construction, improvement, maintenance and repair of municipal drains and for the cost of employing a drainage superintendent.

The Tile Drainage Act allows agricultural landowners to obtain a loan for the purpose of installing private subsurface tile drainage systems on their agricultural land. Applications for this 10-year term, fixed 8% loans are submitted to the local municipality. Once approved, the farmer arranges to have the work performed by a licensed contractor and the municipality obtains the loan funds from the province. The funding is passed to the landowner and the repayments are collected similar to taxes.

For information on how to apply for a tile loan, please contact Ken Vegh, Municipal Drainage and Inspection Supervisor for the Town of Kingsville at 519-733-2305 or by e-mail at 

The Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act requires contractors who install tile drainage on agricultural land, along with their machines and machine operators, to be licensed. The Act requires all drainage systems to be properly planned and designed by qualified and experienced individuals. Through licensing and inspection, the Ministry can ensure that machine operators and their equipment can complete tile installation safely and correctly. 

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