Municipal Information

The following is the list of Kingsville cemeteries now vested since amalgamation in 1999 in the name of the Corporation of the Town of Kingsville.

Map of Kingsville Cemeteries

List of Cemetery locations in Kingsville
Cemetery Name Location
Greenhill Mill Street West
Pearl Street Pearl Street West
Cottam South side County Road 34
North Ridge South side County Road 34
Graceland Universalist Road 5 & Olinda Road
Ruthven United Church Talbot Road at Albuna Townline
Baptist Thompson Crescent
Fairview North side Road 3 East
Chippawa Indian 1376 4 East (s/e corner)
Kenyon (Malott) Kenyon Point Road
Augustine North-west corner of Oak Park and Millbrook Dr.
Negro 2471 Division Road North
Malott Heritage Road
Olinda United Church Olinda Sideroad
Fox (Graceland) Olinda Sideroad

If you have any questions regarding the above cemeteries, please call the Town Hall at (519) 733-2305 or email the Clerk’s Department and Staff will assist you in your search.

The following links are also a great source of information in researching your ancestry. 

To view the rules and regulations to be used in connection with all cemeteries owned by the Town of Kingsville -