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Final Active Transportation Master Plan - This plan provides recommendations with respect to prioritizing and constructing Active Transportation Facilities along the Town of Kingsville Roads and areas wherein connectivity is deemed important to the extended community beyond the Town of Kingsville borders.

2013 AT Master Plan Map (Bike Routes & Trails)

The Kingsville Bicycle Routes Brochure includes the 2010 Master Active Transportation Map and has tips for motorists and cyclists about safe sharing of the road. The brochure is disseminated to the public and can be found online and a hard copy at local businesses and municipal offices.

County Wide Active Transportation System, CWATS, "Walk, Ride, County Wide."  The Town of Kingsville is one of the many partners working with the County of Essex to develop a CWATS network that will connect people to local active transportation facilities and places of interest around the Windsor-Essex Region.  Once completed, routes in all of our local towns, ERCA trailers, City of Windsor and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent will be connected.  The CWATS Master Plan is available for viewing from the CWATS website at

Signage & Lines:

The municipality and the County of Essex have installed "Share the Road" signage along major routes and roadways. In addition, white edge lines have been painted to indicate a safe zone for bicycles to travel. These edge lines are not exclusive and therefore cars are able to park on the side of the road, when otherwise permitted. Share the road and share the responsibility of making your bike trip a safe one!

Kingsville is actively planning more routes and pathways that connect tourist attractions, the local business centre and parks. Have a picnic at Lakeside Park, taste some award winning wines or visit our many other venues. Many of these destinations are within 1.6km of the downtown centre and can be accessed by one of our many safe cycling routes. Cyclists can also visit Cottam and Ruthven, proud communities within the Town of Kingsville.

After you  tour the town, there is much more to explore! Kingsville is connected to the ERCA Chrysler Greenway and is also a central starting point of many popular  biking destinations, including Point Pelee National Park and Pelee Island.

Please Note: The Ontario Traffic Act provides that bicyclists have the same rights to use the roads and are subject to the same responsibilities as a motor vehicle. For more information,

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