Point Pelee National Park

1118 Point Pelee Drive


Phone: 519.322.2365

Website: www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/on/pelee/index.aspx

Point Pelee National Park

Flock to Point Pelee National Park to experience one of the most spectacular birding hot spots in North America. This lush Carolinian forest at the southern tip of Canada has long been recognized as a world-class birding site with more than 380 species recorded in the park's birding area. Bird migration was the reason Point Pelee became a national park in 1918 and has since garnered international recognition as an “Important Bird Area” and a UNESCO designated “Wetland of International Significance”. While significant breeding birds call the park home, Point Pelee's greatest importance is to migratory species moving through in spring and fall.