Our Community

1. What is GIS?

GIS (Geographical Information System) is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information; that is, data identified according to its location.

Why is this important to our municipality? When a new water main has been installed, it is important to know where the pipe is located spatially. Once the water main has been installed and spatially mapped, specific coordinates showing the mains location are stored within the GIS database. This information can now be accurately used for locating a damaged water main in a safe and timely manner.

Data stored in the GIS database are represented in one of two ways: attribute data which is in tabular form, and spatial data which can be in the form of points, lines, polygons, or pixels. This data can be captured using various methods such as through the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing, digitizing or scanning.

2. How to Make Your Own Maps Online

Make your own map by clicking here, and select “Launch Map Viewer (Public Site)”, Residents and visitors are able to retrieve, view and print a broad range of property, public service, and community planning related information and maps from their home computers.

3. Town of Kingsville Maps Available for Download

  1. Street Map for the Whole Town
  2. Street Map for the Kingsville Town Center, Cottam and Ruthven
  3. School Location Map
  4. Map of Kingsville Parks